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What is
Bestshore Model?

Outsourcing means more than serving clients with only offshore workforce. FPT flexibly offers Bestshore Model, the optimal delivery model, combining onsite presence with nearshore and offshore capabilities to quickly respond to each request of customers. Thanks to Bestshore Model, concerns and drawbacks of offshore outsourcing including communication gaps caused by language inefficiency or different time zone; risks of losing sensitive data and synchronization difficulties are eliminated.

Germany/UK/Belgium/ Netherlands/Scandinavia
  • Germany/UK/Belgium/ Netherlands/Scandinavia
  • Slovakia & Czech Republic
  • Vietnam/India/Philippines

Germany/UK/Belgium/ Netherlands/Scandinavia

Speak local languages High touch roles
Interface with customers / Main contact point to customers

Slovakia & Czech Republic


employees speak English fluently


years of experience


employees speak German fluently


software engineers in pool of resources



employees speak English fluently


years of experience


software engineers in pool of resources

Provide services for 700 global customers over 4 continents

Why Bestshore Model ?

The Bestshore model provides access to FPT capabilities and capacities to ensure:


With Bestshore delivery model, we provide our customers with the maximum value out of their budget by combining the “rate-card” from onsite, nearshore and offshore teams.

Data protection; GDPR Compliance

Data breach and the compliance of GDPR are among the all-time concerns for the traditional outsourcing model where the workload is totally transferred to offshore team. Bestshore model allows us to carry out data processing activities within Europe, in accordance with the data protection principles set out in the GDPR.

Language proficiency & Cultural understanding

From our experience, offshore team works best with the local proxy to aid with communication and a nearshore team to work closely with customers to define the solution. The collaboration with offshore workforce can be facilitated with language efficiency and culture understanding from the local team.

No time zone difference, 24/7 support

Bestshore model simply eliminates the delay due to time-zone lag for each blocking question and limit the number of questions back and forth to clarify ambiguous requirements. Customers are benefited from 24/7 support without suffering from a large backlog.

Customer Testimonials

“The most benefit we obtain from our partnership with FPT is that we receive innovative ideas to support our core business in IT. FPT knows the process in our business and brings us custom-made ideas for future solutions. Besides, we also benefit from the flexible team in FPT. It is good to know that in case of a resource bottleneck, we can fall back on skilled resources in Vietnam, those who know us and our business.”

Frank Brauer

Head of Corporate Finance IT, RWE AG


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