Fallstudie: PC Communication Data sharing system

The Client

One of Japanese largest telecommunication companies.

Business Needs

PCC is a communication system for internal user of a Japanese corporation. This product supports TV conference, send file, whiteboard, sharing presentation, sharing web, sharing application (like as Remote Desktop). PCC main System has several functionalities. Main functions are:

  • IP Voice Phone & IP Video Phone
  • P2P Text Chat
  • Presence
  • Multi Point Meeting (Max 20points)
    • With Video & Voice Meeting
    • Text Chat
    • Document Sharing

FPT team was selected to develop additional features and maintenance of PC Communication System. Among, PC Communication Data sharing (PCC-DS) and PC Communication document sharing modules were outsourced to FPT for development and maintenance. These modules functions as P2P file transfer, share file, web, and application…which help transferring/sharing between P2P or multipoint of PC or mobile phones

Technology used


  • Client: Windows XP Professional·Home Edition SP1,.NET Framework 1.1 SP1, Microsoft DirectX 9.0b
  • Server : SunFireV240 – Solaris, Sun One Application Server, Java VM

Development Environment
Hardware: Intel PC

Development tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Ws2_32.lib(Platform SDK 2003 February), Iphlpapi.lib(Platform SDK 2003 February), Purify , Log4J

Domain/Technical expertise

  • SIP/SDP Protocol
  • RTP/RCTP Protocol
  • Windows UPnP Lib
  • Network programming using Winsock controls.
  • GUI & document view architecture with MFC.
  • Managed and unmanaged code interoperability.