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Myriads of future advances in the automotive industry with FPT. Discover how we help to reimagine your automotive business.

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For nearly a decade

For nearly a decade, FPT has been offering numerous services and solutions to world’s top automakers, OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and semiconductors in the industry. We leverage forefront innovations and provide engineering services to customers in multiple projects, ranging from In-Vehicle Infotainment, CAD/CAE, Connectivity to Middleware, Embedded Application.

By utilizing extensive experience and accumulated know-how and employing a large pool of talents including 2,200 automotive experts and engineers, FPT implements solutions with processes and quality in accordance with AUTOSAR, Automotive SPICE Level 3, and other global standards.

What We Offer

FPT provides global customers with innovative solutions to solve their business puzzles

CAN/ LIN Simulator – an ECU development support tool – performs data generation, CAN/ LIN simulation, verification, analysis of transmission and reception among ECUs. Performing data simulation with 100% accuracy, it can help to send, log and track all data.


CANDbEditor Edit CAN database file in accordance with DataBase for CAN
CAN Panel Designer Create arbitrary UI compatible with CAN data
CAN Simulator Generate and analyse data via Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Scripting Code in C++ to interact with CAN Simulator


FPGA adoption enables flexible customization

Providing only FPGA IP is also possible

Qt framework, multiple platforms multiple OS available

Reasonable pricing (required functional  units can be provided)


AUTOSAR CAN Communication Stack solution conforms to the AUTOSAR 4.3 standard, contributing to reducing development costs by facilitating COM stack integration in ECU application development and verification of data exchange between ECU software components.


Provide OEM proprietary CAN software components based on standards such as OSEK and ASAM
Support general-purpose protocol XCP for measurement/calibration, and perform extension of measurement/calibration
Support conversion of DBC files and AUTOSAR CDFs, and extend gateways to signals, messages and TP routing.
Support integrated diagnostic service complying with ISO 14229-1.

Use Cases


AUTOSAR MCAL development and testing for various MCUs:

AR compliant: Conformity to product safety
ISO 26262 compliant: Implementation of process safety verification


Develop various 16/32-bit MCU platform for MCAL driver and the following peripherals on PowerPC

Verification & Testing

Create comprehensive test specification
Develop test module for MCAL API verification using Labview
Extensive test suites to confirm parameter range and error processing methods
Analyze the migration from AUTOSAR 3.0 to 4.0
Execute the completed test suites
Create documents and checklists required to conform to ISO 26262 ASIL-B process

Supported technologies

16/32-bit MCU, CANoe, Lauterbach, EB tresos Studio, Greenhills, WindRiver, CodeWarrior compiler, Labview and interface card

akaminds’ IoV Platform consists of IoV gateway and Digital Automotive Intelligent Platform (DAIP) for automobiles to connect with the Internet. DAIP provides all common solutions for a wide range of vehicle e.g. tracking solution, fleet management, journey planning and optimization, route-suggestion, etc. akaminds’ IoV Platform helps to significantly shorten development time when releasing a connected car solution.


User/ Vehicle/ Device management
Live monitoring
Journey, planning and optimization
Integrated with AWS and Azure
Mobile apps (Android, iOS)

Platform-based solutions

Smart Fleet

An application enables fleet company that manages all their fleet (e.g. truck, container, shuffle bus). It supplies a full set of utility to plan the journey, estimate cost, operate management center. Moreover, it can help manager have an overview about operation status through a lot of statistic and report.

Usage-based Insurance System

An application evaluates driver behavior by combining their vehicle’s data and personal historical information, then print out a risk score value and some statistic. The insurance company will charge the fee based on risk score value and their policy.

In-vehicle Infotainment System

An in-car service that provides infotainment utilities for users e.g. video on demand, music on board, etc. from the internet

Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is a deep learning-based autonomous driving platform which is optimized to run on NVIDIA hardware. It equips automobiles with features including self-navigation, object detection, traffic sign classification, and so on.

Vehicle Concept

Our core Services



Adept at different HMI frameworks (Android, Qt, Kanzi, CGI, etc.) and experienced in developing AVN & Cluster system, we build our own frameworks and offer the best solutions tailored to customer needs.


As an AUTOSAR development partner, we help develop and supply AUTOSAR compliant products for embedded systems. We support AUTOSAR OS/Linux/RTOS, AUTOSAR & non-AUTOSAR MCAL driver development.


We support 7 state-of-the-art tools, including Matlab, Simulink, Embedded Coder. With Model-Based Design/ Development, quality is enhanced while software development and testing time is shortened.


We efficiently assist the engineering products planning with 3D modeling, CAD conversion and migration, FEM structural analysis and many more. Our flexible working model and rich workforce allows us to execute solutions and provide support for customers promptly.


FPT has been investing in R&D activities on autonomous driving technology for the past few years and is also the first company to publicly introduce solutions for self-driving cars in Vietnam in 2017. We use the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver comprehensive autonomous solutions while integrating with other technologies.


FPT offers Large-Scale Integration development and design services that help address challenges in developing microchips in automotive, computing systems, electronic devices, etc. We adopt an integrated and comprehensive design approach focusing on various aspects across product development.

Let FPT accompany on your future journey in the automotive industry

Success Stories

Garage & Tire dealer locator for innogy SE

Due to the huge amount of drivers (users), innogy SE put a lot of time and effort into manual tasks. FPT came to a solution that they would build a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to route users to nearest garages/ tire dealers.

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AWS Maintain Services

FPT handled 200 systems operating on a total of 140 servers in purchase/ sales of used cars and related work to improve work efficiency and productivity.

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AWS Managed Services for a Leading Used-car Dealer

he company desires to improve the efficiency of its system operations and, within two years, transfer large systems to one single vendor who will cover 80 percent of the operation workload which equals 200 systems currently operating on a total of 140 servers.

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