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“Out of 2,000 manufacturers, 86% expect to see cost reduction and revenue gains from their digitization efforts over the next five years”.

– PWC, April 2018

Manufacturers are facing with growing challenges coming from competitors, market and geopolitical factors more than ever. They are required to innovate and transform themselves in order to remain in the game: improve productivity, deliver new products at a rapid pace, provide differentiated customer experience, and so on. While attempting to address such challenges, manufacturers also have to seek for solutions to reduce cost, optimize resources and create competitive advantages.

FPT understands digital technology adoption is the key to make change that enables manufacturers to step into the next horizon of business transformation. We help to reconstruct operations, realize novel business ideas and reinvent customer experience through a full range of solutions and services. By partnering with world’s technology disruptors including GE Predix and Siemens, FPT has been delivering end-to-end solutions to global customers towards the maximization of productivity and efficiency.

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Monitor manual operation and optimize factory performance, by using connected wearable devices, data modelling, anomaly detection and linear regression.

Manufacturing Integration
Worker Performance Optimization
Machinery Operation Optimization
Machine & Device Integrability



Predict and optimize operation costs in packing and shipping, helping to reduce logistics cost and promote sustainable business practices.

Factory & Logistic Process Optimization
Enterprise Resource Planning



Enhance adaptability and flexibility towards changes on the assembly line by applying Cloud Analytics, Reactive and Proactive approach for Real-time applications.

Digital Transformation for Manufacturing
Industry 4 Transformation


Handle connectivity from Edge to Cloud: existing HMI/SCADA system to Industrial cloud platform. Continuous improving system by real-time monitoring


Provide device status in full view to immediately aware your asset. Visualize by various user-friendly web components.


Analyze data to classify asset performance issues. Conclude know-how for better assets management.


Discover data pattern from collected data warehouse to simulate issues with assets by applying various data analytics techniques.


Build up automation software system for auto-reactive with issues and provide mechanisms to optimize production plan/schedule.

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Success Stories

BPO Solution For Factory: Process Innovation With IoT

The client wanted to monitor operational data in their BPO factory in order to optimize performance and digitize their business process. FPT helped the client to develop a data-driven solution which enabled them to address existing problems.

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MES Solution To Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency For Carlsberg

Carlsberg wished to adopt a manufacturing execution system (MES) to ensure effective execution of manufacturing operations and improve production output. FPT team has also deployed MES solution for Carlsberg’s breweries in Greece and China

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Azure IoT Platform For Massive Data Repository

The company received a massive volume of data which is up to over billion events per day generated by users, causing timing and effort issues while processing enormous amounts of data manually.

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Our Featured Demos

Product Line Monitoring System

Traditional manufacturing factories have difficulty in figuring out problem from factory downtime, leading to decreasing of factory performance. With introduction of Cyber-Physical System in 4th industrial revolution, the need of smart factory are becoming urgent. By applying IIoT in manufacturing, Production Line Management System (PLMS) is a solution for optimizing assets performance, developed on MindSphere platform.

Intuitive Connect System

FPT is familiar with the Predix platform, the robotics arm project aims to develop capabilities on the MindSphere platform, the IoT platform of Siemens. In addition to the processing of data and visualization On MindSphere, connecting industrial devices, especially non-Siemens devices, will be an important issue when customers want to use the MindSphere platform.

Smart Factory

Discover our capability of working with IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform to build a solution for document digitalization, business process optimization and automation, automation insight in different business domains, such as banking and insurance.

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